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Chicago's Charter Schools Elevate Student Achievement


许多学术研究已经证实了贫穷和学习成绩之间的强烈相关性.[i] [ii] As a general matter, 低收入学生较多的10bet2021官方往往比富裕学生较多的10bet2021官方成绩较差. But some Chicago public schools have broken this pattern, 在为贫困学生服务的同时,取得了卓越的学术成就.[iii] This brief examines the academic performance of every Chicago public school, identifies the schools that have “beaten the odds,并总结了这些10bet2021官方所使用的规划方法,以创造如此显著的结果. 我们的研究表明,特许公立10bet2021官方在这类10bet2021官方中所占比例过高. 尽管服务的社区在历史上一直面临着学术成功的系统性障碍, Chicago’s charters are nearly four times more likely to “beat the odds” than district peers.

特许10bet2021官方使命的核心是致力于与其他公立10bet2021官方分享特许10bet2021官方的成功实践. 对这些非常成功的10bet2021官方的研究确定了与持续成功相关的六个不同的优先事项:(1)提供从幼儿到高中的连续关怀. (2) Developing a strong adult culture, rooted in a school’s mission and vision. (3)创建集中式数据团队,为教师和管理员提供强大的学生级数据. (4) Utilizing flexible staffing models to individualize instruction. (5) Centering social justice in curricula to keep students engaged. (6) Embedding strong attendance as a schoolwide priority.

What is a "Beat the Odds" School...

为了更好地理解是什么做法和政策推动了芝加哥学生的成绩, 伊利诺斯州特许10bet2021官方网络决定调查那些服务于历史上有更高需求的学生群体的表现优异的10bet2021官方. 我们把“胜算不大”的10bet2021官方定义为服务于至少90%的有色人种学生的10bet2021官方, at least 90% free- or reduced-price lunch eligible, and earned a Level 1/1+ on CPS’ School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP). Of the 644 CPS schools evaluated in 2019, 159 serve a high-needs population, but only 58 “beat the odds”.

At Least 90% Students of Color
At Least 90% Free- or Reduced-Price Lunch Eligible
Earned a Level 1/1+ on CPS' School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP)

Data Deep-Dive

Chicago's 114 CPS charter public schools serve 54,南部和西部的633名学生——其中大多数是有色人种的学生,有资格享受免费/减价午餐. 特许社区的低收入有色人种学生比整个地区高9%以上.

In the city’s cohort of 58 “beat the odds" schools, 尽管特许10bet2021官方只占CPS10bet2021官方总数的18%,但与地区同龄10bet2021官方的比例是一样的. 值得注意的是,特许10bet2021官方的“胜算”几乎是其他地区的四倍——23.28% of all charter schools “beat the odds”, compared to only 6% of district peers.

特许10bet2021官方黑人学生占多数的可能性是学区10bet2021官方的两倍多. Importantly, 大多数黑人特许10bet2021官方的平均SQRP点高于地区同龄10bet2021官方4.0 to 3.8 points, respectively–and are 1.6x more likely to earn a Level 1+ than district schools.

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Best Practices

Across the city, high-performing charter public schools continue to drive student achievement, particularly for low-income students of color. To better understand what practices and policies are guiding this advantage, we interviewed six “beat the odds” charter school leaders. From these conversations, 10bet2021官方领导提升了六项关键实践,他们认为这将对学生的成绩起到推动作用.

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    Continuum of Care

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    Strong Adult Culture

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    Centralized Data Teams

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    Flexible Staffing Models

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    Strong Civic Engagement

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    Prioritizing Attendance

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